Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love it but I hate it too.

Technology has made my life easier. Information is available in a tap of a finger. I love that it made me look more socialable when I do not want to speak to anyone. I love that it gets me out from a boring conversation with people I do not want to speak to. I love that I don't have to deal with awkwardness. I could just reply lol hahaha if I have no shits to say to the other person. 

I hate that technology broke so many things and events in my life. I hate technology for taking away the human touch I was supposed to have for interaction. I hate how technology has made people so damn lazy because there wasn't efforts put in for some things in life. 

I could write a book of my love-hate relationship with technology. But I guess life's a bitch so I guess I'll just rant this much. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


I had the most tiring day ever last Friday. So I drove home after work and my movie at probably say.. 11:30pm.. I drove fast, wanting to go home fast. 

A car drove really fast on my side and I drove fast too. I signaled and the other car signaled as well. The next thing I knew.. I hit my brake and hit the car next to me. I knew I was wrong but the driver of the other car was unfortunately barbaric.

I apologized for my fault but he kept on knocking on my window to ask me to come down.  No freaking way I am going to get down from the car because one, I am alone and two, he's so barbaric. I know it's not a right time to calm down but judging from the consequences.. I felt the other driver was just wrong to be barbaric. He demanded my identification card. 

I'm sorry but NOBODY has the rights to ask for my identification card unless he's an authority but he isn't. I knew I was at fault but why must I give him my identification card ?? I told him that I wanted to settle this in the police station but he demanded a settlement. I refused. I was alone after all.

I called the people nearest to me and they suggested settlement as well. The next I knew was the other driver advising me not to drive so recklessly. I wanted to roll my eyes.. Because he was reckless too. Yea.. That's my Friday night drama.

Was I scared ? Yes ! I am still shaken from the incident but I learned and realized things that night. It gave me a resolution to make a decision. I think I did. 


I used to have faith in long distance relationship simply because trust connects two persons despite being many miles apart from each other. A foundation of relationship is after all built with trust. Here's how I see long distance  relationship - either you break it or you make it.

Some people said distance makes the hearts grow fonder. It does until one of the supposed lovebirds find it tiring to communicate due to work commitments or whatever commitment that caused the distance. When there's a communication breakdown on one side despite the other side trying to communicate, it will not work. Anymore. It takes two to tango. It takes two persons to make a relationship work; if only one person actually bother to care.. It is better to go separate ways. Perhaps, long distance relationship is not meant for people with weak minds. Also, there are many other factors to take account to for this sort of relationship. The trust bond is very fragile. You might trust your other half but how do you guarantee trust with other people around your other half? Tough huh? 

I truly admire my friends who have been in long distance for the longest time and then, they tie knots. Marriage might not be easy for them because of the distance but they managed to make it simply because of love and trust. Commitment too. I guess the distance barrier would never be an issue if two persons love and trust each other enough to make things work despite the challenges. For these people, distance does make the hearts grew fonder. 

I still have doubts about the whole long distance relationship. Would I give it a go again? Perhaps not.. Trust is not an easy thing to commit to. I guess trust is the one that breaks or makes something work. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Woke up super early for an exam that I never bother studying because I have different opinions about the whole entire idea/system. So I just browsed through the reading materials and spent only 30 minutes for the exam.

Next thing I knew I was driving myself to the nearest coffee place to just chill. I love spending time with myself with a good book and a good cup of coffee or tea. When I have my own crib next time, I will make sure that I'll have a corner on my own to chill.

Saturday has been tiring. Can't wait for Sunday so I can spend my time in the House of God! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Getting It Together

It has been a tough month. 

I tried really hard getting it together simply because life must go on despite its adversity.

I got a job. It wasn't exactly the job I wanted but I am on the right path being in a company that I always wanted to be in. It's a stepping stone to where I wanted to be in the future. I'm trying to digest what's happening and to try to grasp the learning fast and well..smartly. 

I joined the gym too. It felt good and refreshing everytime I hit the gym eventhough the aftermath would be super painful and sore muscles. And my personal trainer is awesome. She designed a moderate exercise session for me knowing my health. Well, I'm not dying if anyone wants to know. I just had a horrible chest pain once and I'm better now. I can't wait to hit the gym again!

Also, I've been studying as well for my license for my job. I wanted to take more licenses but it's not easy to just get approval and what's not. I shall put this in my pending file. 

I'm grateful that I have great friends with me during my difficult times. They just make sure I'm alright by going out with me and try to matchmake me with their friends. And one of them even suggested speed dating. I'm gonna enjoy what I have now and work my ass off to a much better future. 

I'm thinking of something new to do. Hmm.. What else to do? 

Here's a photo of me because vanity is the new thing.