Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bangkok Street Food (Savoury)

Our daily meal in Bangkok was pretty much very "cincai". Our breakfasts are from the hotel; since it is free.. why put it to waste. As for lunches and dinners, most of the times we eat from the street. After all, Bangkok is the city where one must experience the street food or maybe get a diarrhoea or two. We were really fortunate that nothing happened to us when we consume food from the streets.

Let's start off with some savoury street food then I will continue to the sweet ones in the next post .. you know.. sweet endings.. no pun intended.. but that was a good one right?

1) Tom Yum Goong (80 baht) and Minced Pork Omelette (50 baht)
Tom Yum is the must-have-food when you are in Bangkok. We had tomyum for three nights in a row. Their tomyum is so darn good. I am salivating for a bowl now. The spicy and sour soup combined so well with an array of seafood - squid, prawns and crabsticks and also, mushrooms. I could finish the entire bowl on my own! Anyway, 20 cents and myself was walking around nearby our hotel and we stumbled into this stall outside a Krungthai Bank and 7-11. There were people eating on the tables and chairs provided; also people waiting to pack dinners.

The clean stall by the roadside

We checked out the cleanliness of the place first. It is clean and the fresh food looks.. well.. fresh. We couldn't speak Thai so it was a lot of pointing here and there.. and the Thai lady tried to speak Mandarin to us and obviously, our Mandarin was limited. We managed to order Tom Yum Goong and Minced Pork Omelette.

The aunty who fried the best pork omelette

The Tom Yum was soooooooooo good! We made the right choice to order there because I can't stop drinking the soup the moment I tried it. And the seafood was fresh.. the prawns were quite huge! As for our miched pork omelette, it was so delicious and flavorful. I was watching the lady frying our omelette and it smelled so good. Once I savour it, it was the bestest omelette I have ever tried!

Tom Yum Goong

The pork omelette

2) Green Shirt Hainanese Chicken Rice (60 baht for two packs) and Grilled Pork Satay (5 baht per stick)
Our initial plan was to find the FAMOUS Pink Shirt Chicken Rice as mentioned by many bloggers but we couldn't find it so we went to the Green Shirt one instead. We didn't make the wrong decision because their chicken rice is so good. It was a small packet of rice with tender chicken breast meat that comes with some sauce which we didn't bother trying. There is also a complimentary soup made from chicken carcass.. we wanted to drink that soup but we were too full to do so. But I bet the soup is super sweet and flavorful from the hours of boiling with chicken carcass and also, chicken blood. Eeeww for me and Yay for 20 cents.

Small packet of Hainanese chicken rice

This shop sells pork satay as well. We bought 8 sticks to give it a try simply because it was convenient. It is similar to our satay except for the sauce they used to grill the satay. It is some white-ish liquid that looks like coconut milk. The pork satay was alright..nothing great to shout about. It comes with complimentary peanut sauce and well.. cucumbers and onions. Similar like ours right?

Pork Satay

3) Random Noodle Stall (40 baht)
The noodle was ok lah.. but we find it a little expensive for street food. It is some dry noodle that comes with a sad piece of fish cake and dried beancurd. It is similar to our Hakka Mee. The noodle comes with some chilli flakes, sugar and fish sauce. We added none of those condiments. It is typical to have those condiments  in most eateries.

The noodle shop - it tasted meh

4) Grilled Squid (40 baht)
We were walking along the night market outside Central World. The grilled squid looks good so we bought one big one. It comes with sauce and some vegetables. The sauce doesn't look appealing much so we decided to ditch it. Mana tau.. it's quite tasteless without the sauce. Oh well.. at least, it's not the rubbery chewy type.

Grilled squid

5) Grilled Pork on Stick (10 baht)
Next to the grilled squid stall was this grilled pork on stick. It's lean meat on a stick for only RM1 per stick. We bought three sticks and it's super awesome! I finished all the grilled pork because it's so damn good. Will definitely buy this again when I visit Bangkok again !

The super finger licking good grilled pork

6) Salted Grilled Tilapia (60 baht)
For the three nights we stayed there, we saw this grilled fish outside our hotel. So, one of the nights .. we bought one tilapia fish. The fish is stuffed with some pandan (pinescrew) leaves and God knows what herbs. It's then splattered with salt all over it. The skin is not supposed to be eaten so we ate the flesh. Oh boy.. it was so fresh and good! It was the best grilled fish I have ate so far. Dipped in some sour and spicy sauce provided and it was heaven! There's other types of fish sold as well but tilapia seems like a better option. I am craving for one as I am typing this out.

Grilled Tilapia

Look at the yummy flesh

7) Fried Chicken Wings (3 for 25 baht)
We were walking in Pratunam Market and we saw people buying fried chickens from this cart. It smells good. So, we bought 3 chicken wings. I was so tempted to buy the chicken buttocks but oh well.. it's fatty so I forgo that idea. The chicken wings were delicious. When I bit into it, it feels so juicy. I ate 1.5 wings and 20 cents ate the rest. Wish we have bought more.. next time.. I know what snacks to buy.

Fried chicken wings

That's the savoury street food I had in Bangkok. I saw many more actually.. wish we had bigger stomachs to eat more but oh well.. next time then..


david said...

Hi. Would you share the location of the tom yum goong stall you had near krungthai bank coz its not the only KT bank or 7E in bkk. Appreciate it.

Sue Me said...

David, it's at the same row as the green shirt hainanese chicken rice. It's opposite Palladium Mall; you can see it after you cross some overhead bridge.