Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bangkok Street Food (Sweet)

We ate from the streets daily. The food are cheaper anyway. As for this post, it's all about the sweet street food we had. We didn't eat much sweet stuffs because I prefer savory food; I am not too sure about 20 cents because he eats anything and everything. Haha!

Let's see what we had..

1) Mango Sticky Rice (100 baht)
20 cents and myself walked for 15 minutes every night to buy this mango sticky rice from this lady who cut mangoes like it's some sort of kungfu moves. This stall is located opposite this mall called Palladium Mall. It's a wee bit costly but it's so damn worth it.

Look out for this lady for the mango sticky rice
The rice is warm topped with some nuts and some warm coconut milk added with a whole sweet mango. All these three combined together is the best dessert ever. So, recognize this lady and buy her mango rice. You won't regret, for sure. Gosh, I am craving for some now.

Bestest dessert ever!

2) Coconut Drink (30 baht)
We had coconut drinks daily. There's a stall outside our hotel anyway. It was so sweet and refreshing ! And best of all, I can peel off all the flesh at one go. It's the best 30 baht I spent when I was there. I took like 2 coconuts everyday. That's about 6 coconuts. I can't help it! It was really tasty!

Coconut drink

3) Coconut Ice Cream in Coconut Shell (50 baht)
This was bought because of blog pressure. I've seen tonnes of blogs writing about this coconut ice cream in a coconut shell. I randomly stumbled into this push cart that sold coconut ice cream when we were walking around the night market near our hotel. Personally, I find it too sweet for me.. and a bit costly for some coconut sorbet/ice cream in a shell. 50 baht for some cheap ice cream.. anyway, I only had it once. 

The con job coconut ice cream

4) Orange Juice (20 baht)
I love orange juice but definitely not this one I bought off from a push cart nearby our hotel. It was overly sweet. It's just sugar water with orange flavorings in the smallest bottle ever. Eventhough it's cheap, it is capable to give you diabetes. I will never, ever drink orange juice in Bangkok anymore unless it's from the hotel or supermarket. I mean.. I am not dissing its orange juice but it's seriously damn sweet. Probably sweeter than Coca-Cola.. definitely a disappointment.

Typical push cart by the streets of Bangkok

5) Cut Fruits (10 to 20 baht each)
To balance up with whatever greasy food we have, we bought cut fruits everyday from small stalls whenever we bumped into one. We had watermelon, cataloupe, honey dew, papayas and mangoes. I personally love how clean these push carts and stalls are; also it is cut nicely into small pieces for consumption. No regrets buying cut fruits from Bangkok.. 

6) Strawberry Smoothie Yoghurt (25 baht)
I conveniently bought his strawberry smoothie yoghurt drink from this stall outside Platinum Mall because it's strawberry smoothie. Taste wise.. it's ok lah.. nothing great.. but refreshing after a long day of walking under the sun. I see a lot of people buying it so I guess it's alright. It didn't really leave much of an impact of being a great or bad drink so yea.. it's alright.

Strawberry Smoothie with Yoghurt at the bottom

That ends my journey of makan-makan in the streets of Bangkok. I can't wait for the next trip to Bangkok! Now that I know what's good and what's not. I'll make sure I plan a better itinerary and bring more comfortable shoes to venture into the roads and alleys of Bangkok for good food.

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