Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pictorial #175

I am going through some obstacles in my life recently. I'm searching and seeking for the solutions but it seems too far fetch for me to reach.

If my grandpa is still alive, he would have been 82 last Monday. I miss him dearly; I occasionally think about him. He will know what to do; to help me out with my problems. I just know he will..

There's another person I miss a lot too. 20 cents! He has been away for about a month and not having him to be there for me when I needed him sucks balls. I know he will talk me out of my senses because he knows me that well. Aargh.. Why are the people that I'm close to are like so damn far away?

I remembered the first Christmas gift from him was a really huge mug filled with lots of Hershey kisses simply because I mentioned that I was lazy to go get refills of hot water for my tea; also I randomly said it will be awesome to have lots of Hershey kisses when we went dating back then. Gosh, I miss him so much!

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