Sunday, November 11, 2012

Platinum Mall Food Court

After hours of walking and shopping in Platinum Mall and Pratunam Market, we dropped our loots back to the hotel room and headed out to Platinum Mall Food Court for some late lunch.

Throngs of tourists

This food court uses coupon/cash card system where you purchased a coupon/cash card of the desired amount. You could walk around and see how much the food you wanted to eat cost; tabulate it and buy that amount on the cash card. To save the hassle, we bought 500 baht. The leftovers of credit could be refunded on the counter anyway so why bother calculating and what's not.

The card to the yummy food

We used 290 baht for a bowl of Tom Yum Goong with glass noodles, a plate of Pad Thai and a plate of Fried Eggs with oysters or better known as O Chien. You can sterilize the cutleries with hot water in the cutleries statin. I think it was a great idea especially for hygiene conscious people.

Lets talk about the food, shall we?

The Fried Egg with Oysters is a different version from ours. Ours was more starchy. The Thai version is a little bit crispy on the edge and it's served on a bed of bean sprouts. Taste wise, it tasted like our local ones. Nothing great to shout about but that's a decent plate of O Chien that's not sweet so I'm up for it. Also, I realized Thai people love their bean sprouts. I wonder why..

O Chien

I wanted to have Pad Thai because Thailand is famous for it. I ordered mine to omit the crushed peanuts because I'm allergic to peanuts. So, it was a plate of overly sweet plain Pad Thai for me. I find it too sweet for my liking even after I squeezed some lemon juice on it. Oh well.. This stall has a crowd of people standing to purchase a plate of Pad Thai so I believe it is a good dish just that I'm not fond of sweet savory food.

Pad Thai

I think he is sad that I took his tom yum in exchange of my sweet pad thai

Last but not least, 20 cents had the Tom Yum Goong with glass noodles which I finished half of it. Don't you just love boyfriend sacrifice good food for you and eat up the bleurgh one for you? I love the tomyum! It wasn't so spicy and it was so delicious. It has some milk in it to ease the spiciness and the seafood inside the soup rings out the aromatic fragrance of the herbs and the flavors of the seafood. It was really good! I finished half of it so it was so good.. What's Bangkok with tomyum eh?

Super yummy tomyum goong with glass noodles

After a satisfying lunch, we refunded the remaining 210 baht and continued our journey for more food and shopping !

Our lunch

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