Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tony Roma's, Siam Paragon

Ever since I read KY's blog about pork ribs in Tony Roma's Bangkok.. I knew I have to go and try when I am there.. Surprise surprise.. we went there for pork ribs! After painfully walking on our newly bought "Birkenstock", we went for our large lunch.

Tony Roma's Bangkok

Complimentary bread and butter

We ordered half loaf onion and a full slab of pork ribs with sides of grilled vegetables and coleslaw. Ordered two bottomless drinks too.

Onion loaf
Our full slab of pork ribs

Personally, I love it !! We can't find pork ribs in Tony Roma's in Klang Valley so yea.. that's why we visited the outlet in Bangkok. Tastewise, I find it rather good with the finger licking barbeque sauce. I ate like 5 bones and others were "sapu-ed" by 20 cents. 20 cents said he tasted better ones.. well.. I tasted horrible ones before so this is good enough for me.

We shouldn't have order the onion loaf because it was too oily and too much for the both of us. It was kinda geli to try to finish off the onion loaf after we whacked the whole slab of pork ribs. Note to self; should have order some vegetables instead of onion loaf. I can't even take much of the complimentary bread with garlic butter because I didn't want to stuff myself. But I love the bread so much!

Will we go there again? Maybe. 20 cents said there's actually better and cheaper pork ribs in Bangkok.. but for convenience and comfort, Tony Roma's in Siam Paragon is the place I would recommend for pork ribs. 

It's bigger than my face!

My happy boy

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