Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Ice ice baby.. ice ice baby.. this song is humming in my head since this morning. So, I decided to put up a post of the cold desserts that I have visited in Klang Valley. It's sprouting like mushrooms after rain anyway.

I am not really a fan of desserts but when I feel like having one.. I make sure it suits well with my mood and tastebuds. And of course, not burning in a hole in my pockets. So, here's my humble opinions about the fews that I have visited.

1) Snowflake
Snowflake is probably one of the very first of all these Taiwanese craze dessert place. It was good when I tried it the very first time. Then, the quality slowly deteriorates. I only go to certain branches because of the quality control. I like my dessert assured as how it should taste like the first time I tried it.My recent favorite would be Coco Ono because it has purple sweet potato as toppings!

2) Zen-Q
Zen-Q is another of those Taiwanese store. I went there all because of its promotions. I am a real cheapo sometimes. But now, it's like one of my favorites because of its prices and their desserts go well with my tastebuds. I particulary like their Mango Shaved Ice. Their mangoes cut was abundance and of course, to top up with some milk and cream and aplenty of sago. It's super good especially on hot days. The next item I really like in their menu would be Aiyu Baby Pearl Wintermelon Tea.

*Updated: Passed by like a few days ago to find out that the IOI Boulevard branch has closed down. Now replaced with some God knows what cafe. I am sad can die ..

3) Meet Fresh
Meet Fresh is another (sad to say) replicate/duplicate/copycat of all these shaved ice desserts with taro and sweet potatoes starch. Tried their best seller and 20 cents had some shaved ice thingy with peanuts. He has a thing for peanuts especially knowing I am allergic to eat so he'll order peanut dessert so he doesn't have to share. Nah.. just kidding.. anyway, the herbal grass jelly in Meet Fresh has that heavy/strong taste of herbal so I guess that's their brownie point for making very authentic herbal grass jelly. Price wise; it's all similar so yea.. no complaints.

4) Isenbin
Located in SS2, next to Starbucks. Tried Isenbin and I quite like it because it has mini taro balls and the portion is humonguous. And also, there was one time that they had some lucky draw thingy for customers. I am a sucker for free desserts so I am gonna give them thumbs up for marketing and advertising. Isenbin's dessert is well.. predictable.. maybe because most of these desserts tasted the same. It's just the consistency of the taro balls of whether they are cooked well or not. And also the herbal grass jelly. If not, most of the desserts taste alike.

Updated: Isenbin is closed down. Was in SS2 for dinner and I passed by the store; it's closed down.

5) UFO
Another SS2 contender. Gotta give them credits for the name: UFO; pretty catchy I would say. Taste wise; it was ok lah.. acceptable. I didn't like this place so much though because of the crowd. Some costumers can be quite dumb, I tell you.. but oh well..that's another story. When I visit UFO, I usually will order something simple because the complicated desserts of God knows what combo of toppings somewhat kill the taste and the dessert. I only prefer taking the Aiyu Jelly dessert with Yoghurt Balls; mostly because of the yoghurt balls that explode in your mouth when you take a bit. It sounds a little salah.. but oh well..

That's all I have so far. I have forgotten where I placed my other pictures. Time to spring clean my desktop.

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