Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pictorial #180

I went lunch with my colleagues, Carmen and Ai Nie the other day. We shared food. I think I should totally start sharing lunches with people to avoid overeating or wastage of food. We had conversations about properties and of course, girls' favorite topic - BEAUTY. Personally, I am not really a beauty kinda person but I think I better start taking care of myself  as I am aging really fast.

Our somewhat healthy lunch

I am truly blessed to have great colleagues to work with. Not only they taught me a lot about works, they are my entertainment too. Like Carmen here.. the lady wearing that bob wig is my entertainment for jokes and well.. jokes that could turn well.. sexual in some ways. Harvin is not an exception too. Both Carmen and Harvin should totally quit their banking jobs and start a comedy club or something. Knowing that Carmen is leaving the bank kinda suck.. my entertainment no more. Whatever it is, I feel blessed and truly grateful to have cross paths with her; with all my colleagues actually.

With Carmen on her birthday !

I am going to miss her when she leaves.. 

Who knows? Someday, these colleagues of mine will be comedians.

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