Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Perfect Saturday

It has been awhile since 20 cents and myself went on dates on Saturdays. Saturdays are usually spent at home simply because I want to catch up with my sleep debt and 20 cents doing his own stuffs - fishing trips. Anyway, this Saturday was spent having really, really late lunch in Sukiya Japanese Buffet in Paradigm Mall. We wanted to try this shabu-shabu for the longest time but the timing is always wrong - either the line was too long or we were too late for the lunch buffet time.

The budget and yummy shabu-shabu buffet

We had a great late lunch; the shabu-shabu was awesome! The ice cream was even better. Spent another three hours walking around malls where I spent more money. Bought a new pair of shoes for a bargain price. Needed a pair actually to attend wedding tomorrow. What else did I purchase? Aaahh.. Hello Panda was on sale too. OSK Green Tea was a must-buy in my shopping list.. I can't live without my green tea!As for the card holder, I shall reveal the secret later in my Instagram account.

My loots for the day

We spent five hours in the mall. That's a record! And I did some really goofy actions - I beatbox and wore some silly hat. 20 cents was like.. awkward! I knew I amused him.. he is just doing it to amuse me. He is going back to that stupid place of his after Chinese New Year. Le sigh. I am gonna miss him so much! 20 cents, can we go for more mall trips before you leave? I promise that I will limit my spendings.

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