Friday, February 1, 2013

My 1Malaysia Kaya Balls Story

There was I passing by this shop in IOI mall and I smelled kaya balls.. 20 cents and myself decided to get some especially when the queue was long. Guess long queue means good kaya balls eh? This lady bought like 30 pieces!

Ordered from the kakak who made the balls. I watched as she poured the batter into the kaya balls maker then squirted in some pandan kaya and topped extra batter to cook those kaya balls. Watching the whole process somewhat amazed me that kaya balls are such simple pleasure in life that I actually took for granted. Like I often take 20 cents for granted because he was always there for me.. But when he is away, I felt like a broken clock. It's all sorrow because well.. Clock can't tick with one needle only.


Back to my kaya ball story, I was waiting for my turn with 20 cents. There was thi Malay lady waiting for hers too; she ordered like 40 kaya balls! She was chatting up with an Indian lady who decided to buy a batch of 30 kaya balls too! Then these two ladies chatted up with another Chinese lady who was ordering from the kaya balls kakak. All of then are strangers ! It amazed me how all the three races come together and how united there were over kaya balls.. I know it sounded silly but it was such a moment to be captured for photography.


I was fed with daily news of how racism occurs .. Not just in my own country buy everywhere in the world. If only human beings change their mentality about how the world should be peaceful despite of how you look like.. I wouldn't have to go through the pain to read horrid and sad news every morning. It saddens me that people are so obsessed about being superior that they forgot about being themselves; being someone that people cares for and think of.. Where is the love?

The kaya ball incident of mine reminds me of how fortunate I am to actually live in a multicultural country.. However, many have taken that for granted and created unwanted chaos. Aaaahhhhh.. When will be the day that I'll ever see harmony? I hope it's not when the world decided to end..

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justinlim said...

A childhood food. A child loves kaya ball. Both knows no racism ;)