Monday, February 4, 2013

Pictorial #220

I'm on leave today! The joys of being on leave when everyone else had to wake up early for work.. Aaaahhhhh.. Also, the joy of rubbing that in to other people's face. Anyway, I have a damn good reason to be on leave today. I had to pack and move my stuffs to a new place that I'm renting now.

Personally, I would prefer buying my own property to stay and all. But I simply couldn't afford it.. yet. Beggars cannot be choosers huh? On a bright side, the place I'm renting now has a pool and gym. That's pretty awesome, ain't it? Packing is so painful because I have so much stuffs and I have been telling myself to throw out a lot of stuffs since gazillion years ago. I should really stop being a hoarder.

On an irrelevant note, attended an ex-colleague's baby's full moon party yesterday. Her baby is such an angel!

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