Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pictorial #245

I didn't manage to get any sleep at all last night all thanks to a friend of mine. A stupid friend of mine texted me to check on me because I was a little too dramatic when my laptop didn't start. Before he went to bed, he think it'll be funny to scared me. So, he said..

"Eh, I think there's someone behind your door. Looks like an old lady.. With long hair and pale white face.. Also, she has white eyes. She's looking at you. No no.. She's staring at you. Oh lord oh lord!"

That text left me sleepless the whole night. Thanks Acey, thanks so much! There's a reason why I don't like horror and gory movies/series simply because I have a very imaginative brain. Also, watching these sort of shows will leave my brain goes on a hyperactive mode.

I told 20 cents about it and he was so pissed. I don't blame him.. He knew if my insomnia and yes, it's no fun to go on days without sleep. That also lead to additional stress of my existing ones..

On a happier note, my laptop is alright ! And I had a good dinner last night!

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