Friday, July 26, 2013

Pictorial #308

I had a hysterical meltdown last night. 

I'm at the phase of life where things don't seem to go my way. A transmission of obstacles. That's something I do not look forward to. I was that close to doubting Him. Honestly speaking, I never doubted Him. I just felt frustrated that the season that He was talking about seems like a faraway journey from the things I want to achieve. I guess I just needed more patience. 

Maybe because my patience was running low so I had a crazy meltdown. I know I'm just two months away from my freedom.. That bond which suck out my soul.. That bond that regulates every single thing in my life... That bond which literally control my current financial situation. It's like I'm binded by invisible chains and ropes to some creepy cold wet wall in some dungeon.. Like the ones you saw in Harry Potter movies where Harry Potter and his friends were held prisoners for awhile by Lord Voldemort. 

I should just let go and let God. The struggles of life should be break by Him and His grace. I should really learn to control emotions but I can't help it that my tear duct is that flimsy. Tough life indeed. Two more months.. That's 60 days to go.. Lesser than 60 days actually because I'm going on leave and also, there's lots of public holidays next month! 

For now, I shall let that season pass by me and I shall embrace a new starts soon enough.

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