Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pictorial #332

It has finally end. The binds to my "soul" for the past two years.. It's like I've been own in some Facebook pet games for the past two years; I think I can finally buy myself free. But unfortunately, there isn't much plans to set myself free from the painful bind. I told myself that I'll just let go and let God. 

And it's another week before 20 cents come back for the weekend. I honestly seriously miss him so darn a lot. This long distance thing is not easy because he has always been my supporting pillar.. He still is but from afar. We are two more months away from our 5th year anniversary. Time flies indeed. We are just 3 months or so away from 2014. 

As for me, I'm hoping for a better last quarter of the year. A much better quarter. Like a million times better maybe? Everyday I kept on telling myself that God has great plans for me and He will prosper me with all His Great plans for me. Rest in Him, I shall.

Here's a picture of the cheap awesome Thai dessert I had the other day - red ruby chestnut with jackfruits. It was yummy! 

Oh yea.. Blessed Mid Autumn Festival. Wish I have some lantern and candles to play with.. Perhaps I'm a little too old for that. Hahaha! And no mooncakes for me.. Never like it anyway. 

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